Reading Swift

Reading Swift

Papers from The Seventh Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift

von: Janika Bischof, Hermann J. Real, Kirsten Juhas

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Verlag: Fink (wilhelm)
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Veröffentl.: 13.03.2019
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This new volume of Reading Swift assembles 26 lectures delivered at the Seventh Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift in June 2017, testifying to an extraordinary spectrum of research interests in the Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin, and his works. Reading Swift follows the tried and tested format of its predecessors, grouping the essays in eight sections: biographical problems; bibliographical and canonical studies; political and religious as well as philosophical, economic, and social issues; poetry; Gulliver's Travels; and reception studies. The élan vital, which has been such a distinctive feature of Swift scholar-ship in the past thirty-five years, is continuing unabated.

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